June Recap and FIC

July already? ::boggles::

June was a busy month for me. Lots of Zoom meetings for work, the last scramble for my boy to finish up schoolwork, and my mother-in-law finally came home after a month in the hospital (for non-COVID reasons). I also finally got down to two shifts a week at Second Job, which I’d spent months angling for.

I also went to a party. The first non-work gathering of people I’ve been to since the pandemic started. I wore my mask there, but literally no-one else was wearing one, or maintaining social distance, and I felt really uncomfortable. And also, there was unspoken pressure to not wear my mask.

Dude, this stuff is hard!

In exciting news, I got all my new furniture last month! My house looks so good! I got an armchair and a loveseat, and a kitchen table and chairs. All my big, bulky furniture is gone, and everything is now more appropriately sized for my tiny apartment. I’m loving it! (We won’t talk about the boxes that had been stored under the old table that I now have to go through and see if there’s anything worth keeping.)

Scrapbooking – I did ten layouts. A few birthday pages, since I’m still catching up on for my boy. Almost there! Here’s one of the layouts I did in June:

Writing was plentiful in June, which was nice. I wrote 19k words for the month (lots of prompt fills, a huge amount which won’t be posted until this month) and posted 8 fics. I met all the challenges I signed up for. So writing-wise, it was a really good month for me. Here are my posted fics:

Title: Sword of Damocles
Fandom(s): Prodigal Son
Characters: Dani Powell, Malcolm Bright, Gil Arroyo, Jessica Whitly
Warning(s): Grownups liking things they shouldn’t

Summary/Prompt: Prodigal Son, any, one of them is a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan
In which Dani intends to initiate Malcolm into the wacky world of RHPS, but things don't go as planned.

Title: The Professor and the Drag Queen
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Characters: John, Rodney, OCs
Warning(s): moody drag queen

Summary/Prompt: any, any, dancing queen (abba)
In which John goes to see a show and Rodney is feeling a little blue.

Title: Pressed Flowers
Fandom(s): Trixie Belden Mysteries/The Three Investigators
Pairing: Trixie Belden/Jupiter Jones
Characters: Trixie, Jupiter
Warning(s): brief mention of dysfunctional relationship

Summary/Prompt: Any, any, "Flowers in the Attic"
In which Trixie is sorting through some boxes and Jupiter learns something new about her.

Title: Found My Thrill
Fandom(s):Stargate Atlantis/Hawaii Five-0/The Sentinel
Pairing(s): Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg
Characters: Everyone above, plus Radek, Biro, and Kavanagh
Warning(s): shameless author playtime

Summary/Prompt: Any, any, happy days
In which three Jocks decide to reach out to a Nerd, a Greaser, and a Beatnik. (Or: the Author goes completely off the rails and has fun with her OTPs.)

Title: The Bicentennial Mystery
Fandom(s): Trixie Belden Mysteries/Three Investigators
Pairing: Trixie Belden/Jupiter Jones
Characters: Trixie, Jupiter, Diana, Helen, OCs
Warning(s): none that spring to mind

Summary/Prompt: Trixie Belden Mysteries/The Three Investigators, Trixie Belden/Jupiter Jones, a Bicentennials-related mystery
In which Trixie has brought Jupiter back to Sleepyside for the Bicentennial celebration, and stumbles into a mystery.

Title: Mission: Quarantine
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Characters: John, Rodney
Warning(s): set during the pandemic

Summary/Prompt: Just another day in quarantine! Although John does even that his own way.

Title: History Will Decide
Fandom(s): Trixie Belden Mysteries/Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Trixie, Acastus Kolya, OCs
Challenge(s): [community profile] intoabar
Warning(s): a kinder, gentler Kolya…maybe?

Summary/Prompt: Trixie has been brought to Atlantis to write a puff piece for the impending declassification of the program. But she has a nose for secrets, and a chance meeting will reinforce her determination to dig deeper.

Title: Till the Cows Come Home
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Characters: Rodney, John, original bovine character
Challenge(s): [community profile] whatif_au: political and [community profile] sga_saturday: livestock
Warning(s): nothing but good stuff in here

Summary/Prompt: John is looking to rig a club election, and of course he goes to Rodney. But Rodney has a different idea.

Happy More Joy Day!

Today is More Joy Day, the brainchild of [personal profile] sdwolfpup. It’s a day when we can all do our parts to spread a little joy. Random acts of kindness, from simply holding a door open for someone to giving a gift of time or money, can brighten someone’s day and make that person feel like passing that joy along to someone else.

And we can all use some joy, am I right?

As usual, I’m giving the gift of fic. And handsome men. ::grins:: I wish I could do something for all my wonderful friends, but know that I love and appreciate all of you!

Now, for the gifts.

In Case of Dire Consequences is a gift for respoftw. This is my second SGA fusion with Good Omens, and something I apparently had finished months ago and simply forgot about. Respo was so pleased that I made Rodney the demon, so I thought she’s like another shot of that.

You Keep Me Searching is a gift for taste_is_sweet. I wanted to get it done in time for Christmas, but words were few and far between then. But I was able to finish this MCU-centric installment of my Life in the Yukon series in time for today. Taste got me started on the Steve/Bucky goodness, so this seemed a fitting gift for her.

The Chance to Be Good is a gift for popkin16 and squidgiepdx. This fic came to be because Squidgie’s comm [community profile] sga_saturday needs some love and it’s been pretty quiet there, and also because of a conversation Popkin had recently about John’s mother usually being dead in fanon. This is an angsty little piece about dysfunctional families.

In Wine, There’s Truth is a gift for nagi_schwarz, sherlockian_syn, and my pal smiles2go who eschews social media. ::grins:: I just love these ladies so much, and they’re such big parts of my lives, that I wanted to write them a little something. And what better than a drunken confession SGA fic? LOL!

Last, but certainly not least, I did a little digi manip for darkmoore. She is a collector of angsty male characters, and tries to write them some measure of happiness. I couldn’t fit the whole brigade, but this is a good representation. ::grins::


2019 Overview and FIC

Happy New Year, friends!

It was definitely a mixed bag of a year for me. There were some pretty big highs, mostly involving meeting online friends and attending my second ever Stargate convention. And some lows, including my ex husband moving away without a word and abandoning our son.

In the world of scrapbooking, I can report eleven completed pages and way too many newly-purchased digital elements and papers. Most of them were Christmas-related, like this one:

On the writing front, I had a strong start to the year but a fairly weak finish. Not sure where my mojo went, but finding words was almost impossible. Overall, though, it was a good writing year for me. I was able to step back from the pressure of deadlines and challenges, which meant I was much more relaxed with my writing. I’m hoping to continue that into the new year.

Here’s my AO3 overview for 2019, which I’ve seen some other friends doing.

124 fics posted, which is a ridiculously high number. But a lot of those fics were short fills.
150,265 words posted, which is down about 70k from last year.
6,905 kudos
1,186 comment threads
60,777 hits
93 prompts filled
8 new fandoms written in

I could compare all these numbers to last year, but I don’t want to make myself feel bad. ::grins::

Most Hits
First Time, And Again: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bucky and Steve getting their sexy on.

Most Kudos & Most Bookmarks
Three Times John Used His Words: Stargate Atlantis, John and Rodney taking turns getting whumped while progressing in their relationship.

Most Comment Threads
Feels Like Home: Stargate Atlantis, Rodney deals with John’s major head injury and many, many feels ensue.

Most of my low counts are in the Trixie Belden fandom, which is a small, small fandom. So I’m not surprised there. It hasn’t stopped me from wanting to write it, though.

Favorite Thing I Wrote This Year
A Letterkenny Family Reunion: Letterkenny/Stargate Atlantis, Once the idea popped into my head of Wayne and Rodney being related, it wouldn’t go away. I really like how it came out, even though it was only my second ever Letterkenny fic.

Favorite Series I Started This Year
Sagebrush Tales: Hawaii Five-0 (with some crossovers), Danny and Steve fighting the good fight in the Old West. It’s been fun making them cowboys and finding ways to bring in some familiar faces. This all started thanks to some prompts on .

2018: My Fannish Year in Review

It's been one heck of a year, both fannishly and personally. But I want to focus on the fandom side of things. Let's start with the numbers:

WIP wordcount: 264,699
Finished fic wordcount: 290,409
Posted fics: 116
New fandoms written in: 8
Challenges participated in: 20

More stats, according to AO3:

Fic with the most hits: If I Were Fire (Hawaii Five-0)
Fic with the most comments: If I Were Fire (Hawaii Five-0)
Fic with the most kudos: Discreet Arrangements (Stargate Atlantis)
Fic with the most bookmarks: If I Were Fire (Hawaii Five-0)

I was also given the gift of some amazing artwork by this year:

What's It Like There? (Stargate Atlantis)

Art for 'What Could Go Right?' (Stargate Atlantis)

From a writing standpoint, 2018 exceeded 2017 in the amount of output. I also tackled some new subjects, some of which were nerve-wracking to write. These included a 'verse where John Sheppard was a serial killer (Killer Instinct), one where John Sheppard is asexual and part of an OT4 (Four Is More), and one where John Sheppard is a demon (My Demon Lover). Hmm. I had no idea John was so versatile. LOL!

Beyond the written word, I will be attending the Stargate convention in Chicago in June where I hope to meet up with some fellow fandom friends. Woot! Also, my wonderful son gave me a Wraith Queen action figure and a Stargate necklace for Christmas this year. Such a sweetie!

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of my two comms, [community profile] ushobwri and whatif_au. That means so much to me!

And thank you to everyone who has read my fic, gifted me fic and art, sent me cards and gifts and postcards, and just generally been supportive, wonderful people. You all are the best!

To wrap things up, here's the list of fics I posted in December. Happy New Year, ya'll!

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Belated Birthday Greetings and FIC!

A very happy, only slightly belated, birthday greeting to squidgiepdx!

This is a belated greeting because it took me a few days to write the gift fic to accompany it. For you I've written my first due South-adjacent fic. LOL! I hope you like it, Squidgie! ::birthday hugs::

Title: North by Northwest
Series: Life in the Yukon
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis; Stargate SG1; due South
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Carson Beckett, Aiden Ford, Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski, Diefenbaker
Warnings: light animal injuries, doughnut thievery

Summary: Lantea is a quirky small town. For example, when Rodney inadvertently hits a dog on his way to work, he finds out that the town doctor is also a kind-of vet, and meets a Canadian Mountie up from Chicago. All while John admires Rodney from afar and is forced to make some repairs to Rodney's cabin.

October Recap and FIC

October was another mixed month for me.

My boy missed school because of anxiety issues. Some of that was related to seeing his dad last month, and my grandfather having passed away. Some of it was because of a bullying situation at school. See, my boy has chosen not to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. He's very aware of the problems in our country right now and he doesn't want to pledge himself to something he doesn't believe in. I can't fault him for that. But some of the other kids do. And one boy in particular threw him against a wall and threatened him, and four of his friends were plotting via social media to jump my boy in the hall the next day.

The principal handled the situation well. The one boy was suspended from school, and he talked to the other four individually about how you can't give someone freedom and then tell them how to use it. There haven't been any other incidences but my boy stopped eating lunch with the others and eats in the principal's office.

I had a nasty headcold at the beginning of the month, and still have a bit of a cough. And I think I did something to the tendon in my foot, so that's been fun. I also broke a tooth, which had to be fixed, and had a wisdom tooth pulled.

On the upside, my boy has been a lot more social. He want to a Halloween party - and won best costume as the Joker - and has been doing D&D all month and spending a lot of time with his friends after school.

As for myself, I've started digital scrapbooking again. Here's one of the pages I made:

Collapse )

It's been nice to have another creative outlet for the days when the words aren't forthcoming. Although in my frenzy to finish a scrappy album project my words dropped off at the end of the month.

Still, it was a very productive writing and posting month for me, mostly due to Monster Fest at . That's always been a great motivator to me. Here's what I posted, if you're interested:

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