Belated Birthday Greetings
As usual, despite the handy notices I get from LJ, I'm late in dispensing some birthday greetings. I also have this problem with family, so it's not just a social media thing. ::grins::

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to draycevixen! We haven't been as chatty recently, but it's been nice to see you back with a new fandom in tow. I hope it treats you well, and I hope you had a great birthday!

Also, a VERY ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG (that's probably wrong, LOL!) to my friend darkmoore! The Queen of the Sentinel fusion and collector of Lost Boys frequently inhabits a chat box on my computer, and deserves extra happiness every day, not just on her birthday. (There's a fic which I'd hoped to finish on Saturday. Spoiler: I did not. LOL! But it's coming!)

Birthday Greetings
A very, very happy birthday to velocitygrass! She runs mcsheplets, an SGA prompt comm that I started participating in last year. And I love it, because her prompts have inspired some really fun ficlets! Have a great birthday, velocitygrass! And thank you for the continued McSheplet funtimes!

"You were supposed to get the cake, Rodney."

"I had to review the data sets on the new ZPM system! I told Zelenka to get the cake."

"Well, that's just great. What are we supposed to do? Her party is in an hour."

"Can't we just give her money?"

"She can't eat money, McKay. It's a party. There's supposed to be cake."

Evan sweeps in with a triple layer sheet cake emblazoned with Happy Birthday Velocitygrass in fancy script. He deposits it on the table, shakes his head at John and Rodney, and leaves.

"There, Colonel Crankypants. Problem solved. I told you I had this under control. Mmm. Chocolate frosting."

"Get your finger out of that!"

"Here. I got some for you too."


"Let's go." John drags Rodney off to their shared quarters, where he can do a proper taste test.

Birthday Greetings
A super wonderful Happy Birthday to thesmallhobbit! I hope you have the bestest day! To help celebrate, here's some gratuitously topless Lucas North:

All About Meme!
Well, this is alisanne's fault entirely. She tagged me to share my childhood crushes. Seems easy, but my crushes were legion. At one point in time my bedroom walls were completely papered in posters from 16 Magazine. I can't even imagine what my life would've been like if I'd known fanfic was a thing back then. My head might've exploded. ::grins::

Anyway, here are some selections from my childhood vault. I have no regrets!

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Signal Boost: A Day in the (SGA) Life Challenge
SGA Meant To Be

(Click the picture for more information!)

story_works is back with another challenge, and this one is so totally in my wheelhouse. I already have a lot of thinky thoughts, now I just need to block out some time and hope my muse is on board. ::fingers crossed::

Signal Boost: SGA Secret Santa
SGA Meant To Be

It's that time again! Sign-ups for sga_secretsanta start on September 27th. This exchange is the whole reason I joined LJ back in 2013 and so far I haven't missed a year. Come join me and make someone's Christmas (or other applicable December holiday) by giving the gift of fic. ::grins::

(And I have it on good authority that this won't in fact be the final year, as some SGA peeps are stepping up to take it over. Woo! SGA forever!)

I Participated in the Harlequin Big Bang...
SGA Meant To Be
...and all I got was this banner. ::grins::

Thank you so much to the mods at story_works for another great challenge! I had a lot of fun with this one for sure, and I look forward to what's coming next!

My contribution to the challenge:

Title: Odds Are
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Series: At the Movies (Odd Couple Fusion)
Pairings: John/Rodney, Rodney/Jennifer, John/OMCs, Evan/Laura
Characters: John, Rodney, and a cast of thousands! LOL!
Warnings: drunken shenanigans, divorce

Summary: Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

John is divorced, out of the military, and starting over in a new city. Rodney's wife threw him out and he needs a place to stay until she comes to her senses. They meet when they come to see the same apartment, and end up becoming roommates. John explores his sexuality for the first time, Rodney tries to get back in Jennifer's good graces, and without even realizing it they start caring about each other. But can they have a happy ending?

August Update & FIC
Where the heck did the month go? Sheesh. I have to say, it sure didn't feel like the last hurrah of summer here in NY. Tomorrow the high is only going to be 58 degrees, and at night it'll be in the 30s. Brrr!

So let's hit the highlights of the month.

My boy, who sprained his MCL at the beginning of June, finished with PT and is now fully recovered. Yay! He spent a week at his dad's (which always makes him appreciate me more), and just today had his physical for school. He's going into the 9th grade and I hope it goes a whole lot better than last year. ::fingers crossed::

nagi_schwarz surprised me with package, which contained the cutest little blue octopus. Best part? He turns inside out. One side has a happy face and one side has a mad face. I named him Oscar and he's sitting on my desk at work right now to help give people a better idea of when to approach me for favors. ::grins::

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We road-tripped to my aunt's house with my nephew and my good friend Mac. There was marshmallow roasting, lengthy games of Mexican Train, and a very chilly day at Darien Lake amusement park. I rode an adult rollercoaster for the first time and immediately regretted it. So much regret! LOL! Never stepping outside my comfort zone again!

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Spent a day out shopping at the big malls with my bro and my boy, and we had a fun time. We hit some great sales, had some Orange Julius, and ate at Cheesecake Factory for the first time. The food was pricey but so, so delicious.

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On the fannish front, I took possession of someone else's swag from a Sentinel convention. (Thanks, Kronette!) The con was from back in 1998 and the swag included photos of the actors on stage (really good photos), a hat, and Bruce Young's autograph. I was filled with fangirl glee because the show was long gone by the time I slid into the fandom, and I never had the chance to get fannish things for it. Except for my Sentinel tattoo. ::grins::

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In regards to fanfic, I did a lot of writing this month: 25k WIP words. I was fighting hard to make my Harlequin BB deadline, and then the mods at story_works posted an extension to give our Texas peeps a better chance of finishing and posting their fics. Hopefully this weekend I can wrap mine up. ::fingers crossed::

I hit up a couple other challenges as well, and one of those was some digital art. If you're interested, here's the deets:

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Fandom(s): The Sentinel, Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Rodney McKay, Blair Sandburg, John Sheppard, Jeannie Miller
Warnings: pre-apocalyptic shenanigans

comment_fic Prompt: Any, any, new roommates forming an apocalypse plan

In which Blair and Rodney are college roommates on the cusp of experiencing an environmental apocalypse.

Postcard from Portland
When I posted about the postcard I got from aome from Hawaii, a lot of other people hopped on the bandwagon and wanted to send me postcards too. Naturally I said yes because I'm a freak about postcards. LOL!

Look what I found in my mailbox yesterday, from squidgiepdx! (And now I really want iron skillet s'mores, dang it!) Thanks, Squidgie! ::smooch::

Flash Challenge Signal Boost
Hey, look what's happening right now at story_works!

This week only: Eclipse Flash Challenge on story_works!
From Monday August 21st to Sunday August 27th
All and any media, all and any fandoms welcome. Click the picture to learn more!


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